Do you ever wonder why nobody seems to know just how to listen?

Are you exhausting yourself by trying to take care of everyone else's needs?

I offer a safe, quiet place to take care of yourself by letting yourself be listened to so you can better sort out your priorities in your life and your relationships.

My passion is to help individuals, couples and families to learn to give each other the love and encouragement they deserve, while also letting each other have their personal time and space. I can see you by yourself, with your partner, with your child/teen or your whole family.

Sometimes, just a few sessions will clear up negative beliefs we have held onto for years. I can help you talk to your loved ones. Sometimes, all we need is a trained listener to help guide family members on how to say the things we have been afraid to say for years.

I will guide and support you to make positive choices. Together, we will create new ways of facing your difficulties constructively and confidently, freeing you to enjoy yourself and your friends and family again without the emotional baggage which often gets in the way.

By learning new relationship skills, you can also remove obstacles which can get in the way of your personal and professional success.

A sub-specialty of mine is grief counseling. Please visit my other website for more information: I offer individual grief counseling as well as grief groups throughout the year. Please call (510) 238-0741 for start times or for more information.

I also work with women and men with body-image issues and disordered eating. I used to work at Casa Serena Eating Disorder Treatment Program in Concord where I gained valuable skills in working with eating disorders.

Contact Information

3637 Grand Avenue
Suite D
Oakland, CA 94610
Phone: (510) 238-0741

Office Hours

7:30am to 8:30pm

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